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Submitting A Public Records Request
Individuals who desire to receive copies of public records maintained by NCCU should submit a request using this portal. All requests should be provided in writing in order to create appropriate documentation for monitoring time and cost and billing as needed.  If a requester is unable to submit a written request, please contact the Office of Legal Affairs at 919-530-6105.
Public records requests will be promptly reviewed upon receipt. During the initial review, an NCCU employee will determine if NCCU maintains any records that are responsive to the request and whether or not the record is prohibited from disclosure due to federal or state law.  Following the initial review, responsive requests, not otherwise prohibited from disclosure by law, will be provided to the requester within a reasonable period of time. Public records requests submitted to NCCU and responses provided by NCCU to requesters will be maintained on this portal.

Allowable Charges for Public Records Requests
In certain instances, the NC Public Records Law provides that individuals who request public records may be charged certain fees.  Generally, NCCU will not charge for the cost of copies unless the number of pages exceeds fifty (50) pages.  Please also note that if responding to the request will require the extensive use of information technology resources or extensive use of personnel, additional fees may be charged. Please see the NCCU Public Records Request Regulation for more information.  
North Carolina law, federal law, and university policies and regulations exempt several records from being made available to the public. Common examples of records maintained by NCCU that are not considered public records include personnel records, student education records, criminal investigations and other confidential information.  If a record falls within an exemption to the Public Records Law, NCCU is prohibited from providing the information to a requester.
Requesting Academic Transcripts or Other Student Records
University transcripts are not provided by the Office of Legal Affairs or requested through this Portal. You can find instructions for requesting an official copy of your transcript at If you need further assistance with requesting your transcript, or have questions about other student records, you should contact the NCCU Office of the Registrar at 919-530-6654.



Please be advised that response to new and pending requests may be delayed due to emergency orders from the Governor of North Carolina, local orders to stay at home, and recent staffing and personnel scheduling modifications due to COVID-19.